Friday, May 06, 2005

“It’s still Rock’n’Roll to me”

So, PoGo A Go Go is a year old! As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done to the website. I’ve done practically nothing to the Ramones Rockaway Beach section. That’s because the site seemed to grow, & I didn’t realize when I started the website a year ago how much time it would take to put it all together… I have managed to keep on top of the Guitar Mafia section, although there is still a lot of work to do on that!

I’ve recently updated the Jesse Malin Unheard Music & D Generation Unreleased Tracks sections to include music clips of most of those songs that were never released commercially, or are now really hard to find. As a fan, I think it’s really interesting & important to be able to see & hear the progression of your favourite artist as the songs develop. This is especially true in Jesse’s case: he had had some previous limited success with Heart Attack & D Generation, then had a 3 year period of writing & recording with many great songs falling by the wayside, while others continued to get reworked, before finally finding the formula that has brought him his long awaited & much deserved solo success.

My original website, where all my inspiration & ideas for PoGo A Go Go stem from, was hosted on the Rock City [the rock club in Nottingham, UK] website over 5 years ago, & was called ‘Other Music From The Underground’. That had grown out of the monthly column of the same name that I wrote for the Rock City Review magazine. But, as with everything, in time the people I knew at Rock City left & my website disappeared from the World Wide Web leaving me with only one option, to buy my own web space!

I have tried to approach the website from a fan’s perspective & to ask the questions that I, as a fan, want answering, as well as trying to include content that most people might never see or hear otherwise... Because of all my punk influences, I want the website to replicate that underground feel & excitement that you find in all the great fanzines. I hope I’ve managed to achieve this so far…

I’d like also to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who have written to me [either via the Guestbook or to me personally], sent me stuff, let me borrow things or traded with me, in order to allow me to get my hands on the material that I’ve built the website around. And of course, thanks to all the bands & musicians that I love for sticking with Rock’n’Roll, & for putting up with my constant pestering & searching questions.