Saturday, April 09, 2005

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”

I’m not sure how many of you managed to catch Richard Bacchus on his recent UK tour, being that the furthest north the tour managed to reach was Leicester, but for those who’d like to do a bit of catching up then I’ve written a review of the shows I attended as well as some photos from Leicester & Nuneaton. I’ve also added a couple of live music clips of Ricky performing ‘Waiting For The Next Big Parade’ at Leicester & ‘Capital Offender’ at Nuneaton.

Other recent site updates have included a review of the first time I saw the Ramones live, way back in 1985, & my review of the most influential album of all time, Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols. I’ve also found some time to add a bit more content to the Jellybrain section of the site. Check out Vincent Cushing’s Brown Eye On The World… But remember, it’s not for the politically correct readers out there!

Talking of politics, all you people in the UK who are about to get the opportunity to vote on who will be governing us for the next 5 years, please don’t let Tony Blair’s recent stupidity - backing George Bush in Iraq - lead you into believing that we need another Tory government. Remember that the Tories are EVIL & have no regard for the working classes.

Last week when the general election was announced, Michael Howard (the Tory leader), said, “let’s wipe that grin off Tony Blair’s face”. That is not a policy. Call me old fashioned, but I thought we were voting for political parties on their policies, not on the basis of childish threats! Don’t let these political fascists fool you with their dumb schoolyard comments. What’s Michael Howard’s next big statement going to be? “My deputy prime minister is bigger than yours”…? Or, “My shadow chancellor is going to get you!”. The Tories only have one real policy & mission, & that is to maintain the position of the Ruling Classes in this country. You may like to think that you’re not working class, but believe me, if you are not born into the Ruling Class, then you are just fodder for them & can never be anything other than working class. Those of you who consider yourselves to be middle class are just the blinkered generals, happily obeying orders for a few extra scraps thrown to you by your masters.

“Who ever puts their hands upon me to govern me is a usurper, a tyrant & I declare them my enemy”


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