Saturday, January 22, 2005

Jesse & Ricky Live in Leicester!

I discovered this Blogger diary thing on Richard Bacchus’s website & thought, hey, what a great way to quickly get something off your chest & out there in a very informal way!

And as it was Richard Bacchus who introduced me to Blogger, where better to start…

I went to see Jesse Malin & Ricky Bacchus last night at the Charlotte in Leicester. Ricky's set was BRILLIANT (as was Jesse’s of course) & I hope that people give him the same support & respect on this tour that they give to Jesse. Last night's audience were great except for one twat during Jesse's set who interrupted Jesse continually and when Jesse politely asked her to calm down she disappeared for a couple of minutes before returning from the ladies toilets with a wet toilet roll which she threw & hit Jesse with mid way through ‘Almost Grown’. She then made a quick exit before someone gave her the slap she deserved! In fact, I thought Christine, Jesse’s keyboard player, was going to do just that when she left the stage just after the incident. I do think the audience could have been a little bit more appreciative of Ricky's set, though. I know it’s difficult when you’re not sure of the music but I think Jesse has made a great choice with his support acts for this tour. Pacific Ocean Fire, the first band playing last night, were great, too.

Ricky played 'Age Of Confusion' & 'Waiting For The Next Big Parade' from his D Generation back catalogue. Ricky also joined Jesse for his encore and the pair belted out 'Capital Offender' which was just FANTASTIC for an old DGenerate like myself!

Ricky is selling his acoustic solo album 'The Bicycle Diaries' for £6 & some great Richard Bacchus T-Shirts for £8... That's value! & the CD is BRILLIANT! I'm sure that if you like Jesse's music then you'll love Ricky's CD. It has acoustic versions of 'Age Of Confusion', 'Long Lost Debbie' & 'How You Gonna Ball', which is my favourite.

Oh yeah, Ricky also told me he thought about playing 'Luckiest Girl' (one of the songs he wrote for NY Loose) but he didn't! …Which is a shame as that's another great song only heard by very few people. Maybe the final show of the tour in London would be a good night to slip it into the set!

You can hear the rough demos of Ricky's CD on his website

Jesse is also selling his new DVD Star•Smile•Strong on the current tour, priced £15. have the DVD advertised for £7.99 including postage but the release date is listed as 28th January, & of course you can't get it signed! One Little Indian are also selling it for just over £8 plus postage... So the choice is yours!

I bought a copy last night at Leicester but have not yet watched it from beginning to end. From what I've seen so far, Jesse has done a great job! My only criticism is that there are no bonus features. I was really hoping that the promo videos would be on there! Maybe we've got another DVD to look forward to... The Jesse Malin Videos Collection! Jesse did say last night at Leicester that when he returns to the USA after this tour, he will be filming a promo video for 'Since You're In Love'. Maybe a little late as the single was released in the UK 2 months ago, but I'm sure we'll appreciate it none the less!

Well, I finally got to meet Richard Bacchus & I had songs dedicated to me by both Ricky and Jesse… Christ, life doesn’t get much better than this!

…See you all in London on January 28th.


Blogger Richard Bacchus said...

Thanks for the glowing review. Your too kind. last night in Leeds was amazing. The a best crowd I've ever played to period. I actually thought they were screwing with me, but it was just my healthy NYC paranoia. Can't wait for London, actually I'm really looking forward to Glasgow, even though you won't be there. I'm gonna give the Divine Miss West a call about doing Luckiest Girl

Peace and much much Love Richard Bacchus

12:01 PM  

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